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I provide individuals a safe nonjudgmental space to be seen and heard while receiving direction, perspective, support, and unbiased feedback.


Jen is proudly certified by the following academies.


How Jen Helps Individuals and Groups


Does This Sound Like You?

Why does life have to be so hard?

No one understands me or what I'm going through.

Consistently criticizing yourself for things you haven't done, how you look or what you said/did?

An overall lack of joy, peace, happiness and gratitude for life?

Guess What?

But YOU DON'T have to stay there, it doesn't have to be hard, and you are NOT alone!!

STOP SETTLING for a life you are unhappy with!


My coaching approach uses fundamental principles to get to the heart of the issue you are experiencing, assess all areas of life and determine what parts are impacting the others, vision planning, goal setting, self-awareness and understanding, stress management, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, coping skills and so much more.


Every individual is different and deserves a coaching structure that suites where you are at. 

Coaching Options

I've had the pleasure of supporting people in many areas of life through the years.  If you are looking to re-create your life and direction, it's time we talk!

Coaching Programs

"Life Support" Coaching

Direction | Alignment | Happiness | Thrive


At any given time in life, we can get stuck.  Relationships, career/business, kids, purpose, finances, and so much more.  I work with my clients in all areas related to "Life" circumstances that arise.

Based on your individual needs - Coaching includes

One-on-one coaching support at the duration needed for your specific circumstances

A trusted advisor who has walked through it and often knows very intimately the struggles you are facing

Empathetic and supportive communication allows you the space to 'get everything out' in order to move forward more freely

Full 10-point life assessment to get to the heart of where you are at

Trusted accountability in the areas needed and desired

Strategic ideas and solutions to move past what you are struggling with

Non-judgemental and confidential space

Tools to help move past limiting beliefs and negative internal dialogue

​​​One-on-one support through each phase/step of what you are working towards including direct access in between sessions


Based on your individual needs; "Life Support" coaching includes additional tools in various areas of life including but not limited to communication, relationships, budgeting, business building, health/wellness, confidence, emotional support, anxiety relief, and many other areas for your specific needs.

Understanding yourself, what holds you back and how to move forward more fluidly

Anxiety and Depression Coaching

Confidence  |  Self-Esteem


Anxiety can stem from any number of things.  I work with my clients to identify the root cause of the anxiety related to everyday things such as communication with others, work issues, relationship issues, etc.  Once identified, we work in the best area for you to overcome the underlying issue and move forward more comfortably.

Based on your individual needs - Coaching Includes

Full life assessment to determine where you are at in each major area of life and what is impacting each.


Weekly one on one support


Actions and strategies to move through the causes


Full health assessment (nutrition, fitness, and emotional impacts on anxiety and depression)


Uncovering and reassigning stories and beliefs that impact you.


Healthy ways to minimize and deal with anxiety.


Understanding and redefining Core belief systems, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and how they impact you.


Identifying your causes of stress and anxiety and how to address it.


Identifying and changing habits and behavior patterns.


Meaningful Motivation and purpose.


Behavior modification.Building a realistic roadmap to progress

Note – this is not therapy – Our coaching works to move forward through the causes as opposed to delving into resolving the past.  For more details on this, see the distinction between therapy and coaching under questions.

Body Image, Health & Wellness Coaching

Hormones  |  Weight Issues  |  Fatigue


When our bodies feel off track, everything can feel off track.  I work with you to help build a sustainable plan and help you reach your goals, all while addressing current concerns. 

Based on your individual needs - Coaching includes

This program encompasses a full health assessment including nutrition, fitness, flexibility, emotional and readiness to change

Assessing and modifying the stories and beliefs about your health, wellness, and abilities.

Fitness planning and accountability – developing the right plan for you.

Establishing goals, strategies, and actions.

Breaking the food and/or sugar cycle.

Weekly one-on-one support and accountability.

Breaking the emotional eating cycle.

Natural ways to get back to health.

Food planning for a healthier brain and body.

Weight and stress management.

Understanding the options and what is right for you.

Address energy and fatigue concerns.

Stay on track pre and post-menopause.

Understanding yourself, what holds you back and how to move forward more fluidly

Food Addiction Coaching

Body Image  |  Confidence  |  Lifestyle


Food Addiction impacts millions of people every day and can lead to other addictive or negative patterns or behaviors.  AND it's something you can gain better control over.   I work with you in this area to help determine what you want and strategize to build a plan that feels good and that you can stick to while supporting you each step of the way.

Based on your individual needs - Coaching Includes

Weekly one-on-one support.

Daily support and accountability as needed.

Full assessment in all areas of self; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Readiness for change assessment.

Breaking the cycle of emotional eating.

Beating your sugar addiction.

Finding a plan that fits for YOU!

Establishing goals and actions for long term success

Identifying and re-assigning the stories and beliefs that hold you back

Understanding the options defining what is right for you

Self – love; actions and exercises that break the negative cycle and allow you to be comfortable with the skin you are in

Getting to know your bodies responses

Understanding Addiction

Relationship Coaching

Communication - Collaboration - Connection


Relationships of any kind can be a challenge at times to build and manage.  When we are with our partner for long periods of time it can bring even more turbulence and challenges.   Different than therapy or counseling; Couples coaching brings you clear action steps to work together in order to build a stronger more cohesive communication and a roadmap to clearly see a long road together.

Based on your individual needs - Coaching Includes

Weekly one-on-one support

Create a shared life vision

Get to the root of the problem, stop the constant arguing, overcome the past and move into the future.

Identify emotional patterns

Learn how to reignite love and intimacy

Productively learn how to deal with conflict

Building listening and communication skills

Create fun ways to communicate and ensure both sides are heard, seen and understood

Assessments that help deepen understanding

Build expectations and agreements

Shared goals, strategies, and actions

Confidence Coaching

Self-Doubt  |  Self-Criticism  |  Low Self-Esteem


Lack of confidence can stem from any number of reasons and show up at various times of life.  I work with my clients in any number of areas of life where they would like to increase confidence, including but not limited to communication, relationships, career, business, family, socially, self-image, and more.   

Based on your Individual needs - Coaching Includes

Full life assessment to determine impacts on each area of doubt/confidence.

Align the areas you are lacking satisfaction in life.

Emotional and Mindset assessment.

Weekly one on one support.

Find your voice.

Uncovering rules, assumptions, habits, and beliefs.

Goals, strategies, and action setting.

Explore your passions and aspirations.

Understanding and redefining core belief systems, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and how they impact you. 

Understanding the impact of low confidence on you and your life.

Building the vision of what you want.

Identify and boundary setting around external factors.

Stop irrational and illogical thinking.

Cultivating mindset and self-awareness.

Overcoming fear(s)

Building your vision and creating visualization techniques for you

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call

Lets get to know each other and how I can help you!

Strategies and Exercises

We use several techniques based on everyone's individual needs. Here are some of the most common

Full Life Wellness Review, Conversation, Action Building, and More
Cognitive Behavioral Coaching
Childhood Timeline and Visualization Shifting
Evaluating and Realigning the "Rocks" of Life
Life Coping Strategies
"I do not even have the words to explain how ōmazing Jen is at helping people figure how to fix the parts of their lives that may be doing them more harm than good!

I have been working with her since the first part of October and she has helped me make some BiG strides in all areas of my life. I have learned how to control my eating, lose weight, remove mental and emotional blocks which helped me rank advance in my business and in my personal life too. I have more energy to do the things I have been putting off for far too long! She accepts you where you are at - without judging you! One of the BEST skills she has is her ability to listen and acknowledge your concerns. She will be your biggest cheerleader.

She checks in with me during the week to make sure everything is going ok! She goes above and beyond for all her clients! I will always BEE grateful our paths crossed! Thanks so much, Jen!!! ❤️"


Most Commonly Asked Questions

Wondering how this all works? Here are some of things people just like you want to know about how we can help you.


What Can I Expect From a Coaching Session?

Each coaching session looks slightly different for everyone based on individual needs wants, and desired outcomes. Clients are asked to complete two basic assessments (each takes minutes to complete) to help us understand you, your communication, and your work style.  

Depending on your personal needs, a session may include:

Discussion around your wants and desires, which may include but are not limited to relationships, career, growth, mental/emotional Health, finances, physical Health, food addictions/support, parenting, life satisfaction


Creating actions on how to get where you want to be in any/all areas of life


Actions/steps to deal with anxiety


Activities to move past Doubt or limiting beliefs


Conversations around what area you are currently struggling in

I provide a space for you to freely get all of your emotions/feelings out to process them better

Clear, concise, actionable steps to move forward with between sessions


We are going to dig into the root of the issue so you can create a long term fix as opposed to the band-aid approach


You will be asked to take a deep dive into yourself and your thought patterns so you can move past the past


You will always be SEEN, HEARD, and understood in all sessions!


Other conversational points and action steps based on individual needs

What can I expect from a coaching session

How do I Know if Coaching is Right For Me

If you feel stuck and yet ready to do the work to build a better, stronger, happier life where you feel as good inside as you try to look outside, coaching may be right for you.

If you feel like you are ready but not sure where to start, coaching may be right for you.

Coaching may be right for you if you are ready to move forward but don't have anyone to help.


Coaching may be right for you if you feel like you need support, but no one currently understands you.

If you are ready to put yourself first, coaching is right for you!

How do I know if coaching is right for me

How is Coaching Different From Therapy?

There is a possibility you could benefit from both therapy and coaching. Clients often tell me that they benefit from working with us simultaneously. I've also had clients share that they have benefited from coaching more than therapy through the years.

Coaching focuses on helping you understand how the past contributes to your present while helping to create clear, actionable steps to achieve your present and future goals/objectives. Coaching generally focuses on behaviors.


Therapy generally focuses on cognition and introspection while digging into past experiences with the hopes of resolving those past issues.

How is coaching different from therapy

Are There Length Requirements?

At Strong Foundations, we never require a minimum hour requirement of our clients. Instead, we work on a flat hourly rate, so you have the flexibility in your budget. The last thing you need is the additional stress of finances!

Are there length requirements
Schedule a FREE Discovery Call

Lets get to know each other and how I can help you!

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