Coach, Mother, Business Leader, Consultant,

Cancer Survivor, Goal Getter

"Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient."

The Woman behind the business

I've been a sales leader for nearly 15 years, working with people and businesses to improve their hiring practices, reduce turnover, and increase employee engagement.   During this time, I've lead teams that have turned markets around while building a strong brand name and impactful relationships. 

​New location development

My years in business have allowed me to build business plans for various markets, both small and large.  This included market identification, initial prospecting, business plan, and implementation.  A few of the ways I accomplished this includes:

  • Proper Client identification/prospect planning

  • Consultative sales efforts

  • Proper marketing efforts

  • Executing on all service plans  

Sales/Business development

I've had the chance to dig in and build sales/prospect plans that have generated multi-millions in sales revenue.  A few of the ways these results were developed include:

  • Proper market prospecting

  • Effectives sales practices

  • Aligning a consultative sales approach

  • Listening

  • Strategic problem solving

"Committed to helping others feel as confident inside as they look outside!" 

On the personal

Anxiety started for me at a very young age.  Uncertainty, coupled with a lack of confidence both with my words and physical appearance, continued to build into my adult years. 

As a very driven individual who wanted big things with my life, coupled with a "suck it up" mentality, appearing anything other than strong and "put together" was not an option.

After decades of showing up strong while doubting and anxiousness grew on the inside, my life came to a halt when I was diagnosed with cancer at 36 years old.

In eight years following my cancer diagnosis, I have been on a journey to finally work through the decades of anxiety and depression and be as confident inside as I've always tried to appear outside.

Are you ready to do the same?

"Difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations!" 

My weight-loss and finding a more positive body image

Growing up as an obese person is not easy for anyone, especially as a girl. On top of that, not much like millions of others, facing bullying only increased my self-doubt.

In my early 20's when I took hold and dropped the weight, about 160 pounds worth. In the decades to follow, I am proud to say I have kept the bulk of the weight off (those pesky 20-30 pounds like to come and go). 

Yet even though I was half my size, I still saw that "fat girl" in the mirror for years after.  It wasn't until the last couple of years that I realized the true importance of my inner voice relating to my body.

Mindset and how we talk to ourselves truly matters!

If you are ready to take your mind and results into action.  Let's chat!

"You can reach the results you want, it's worth the work!" 

Getting results!

I am a very driven woman who loves to see results personally but even more so than that for other people and businesses.  I love seeing people succeed.

I believe that with the right actions and mindset, anyone has the ability to get the results they want in any area of life.

My confidence coaching programs include:

  • Monthly 1-1 coaching sessions

  • Full Confidence building workbook

  • Access to private confidence community (coming soon)

  • Goal Strategy session

  • Guided visualization exercises to help release negative emotions

Are you ready to feel more confident in yourself? 

"It's about the moments, the laughs, the smiles even the tears, it's a journey!" 

As a Mom

Before all else, I am a mom to an amazing 20-year old all grown-up man who I often believe taught me as much as I taught him.  I thought for years that I made so many mistakes, and while perhaps there were some mistakes along the way, I am grateful to have raised an amazing human and good man. 

As moms/parents, we can often be hard on ourselves.  It took me years to let go of and forgive myself for what I now realize were lessons.

If you are ready to forgive, appreciate the perfectly imperfect parent you are and need help building back your confidence, let's chat!

As a wife

Twenty-one years later, I sometimes wonder how my husband and I made it for so long.  Let me tell you; it's not always rainbows and sunshine.   It's taken compromise, learning, and re-learning one another along the way.  And a true commitment from both of us for growth.

In it all, Communication, Commitment, and shared values are key.  And, love, of course.

Need guidance in your life and relationship.  I'm here to bring experience and perspective.

"No one should feel alone in this journey!" 

On a BIG mission

During my journey at each of the hardest times of life, I felt completely alone.  The truth is, there were always people I could have turned to that would have listened and been there for me.  But, for one reason or another, I didn't want to burden them with my struggles. 

You may not feel that you need a coach, counselor, or therapist, although I highly recommend using whichever or all of them to help. 

You may feel that you need someone to listen-a sounding board of sorts-someone to get your frustration out.

I'm here for that too.

I offer 60 minutes "listening" sessions to be that sounding board you need.



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