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Are you someone who often feels misunderstood?

Do you feel like you can't ever be yourself in your regular friend group?

Perhaps you shut down when the group disagrees with you?

For decades, this was how I felt. I tend to be a person who doesn't always go with the flow. I prefer deep conversation, thoughtful and engaging. I'm not really a surface, drama, or chit-chatty kind of girl, which often lead me to feel like I didn't fit in with the crowd. It also caused me to feel like my opinions were not as important or relevant as other people's.

Over time, I heard from other women how they felt the same way and how hard it was to meet adult women friends they could genuinely connect with and with whom they could be themselves with.

Hence, the group was created.

The community meets once a month and includes networking, time to share life struggles with the group, and thought-provoking topics for conversation.

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