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A Story with a Purpose

Just when you think there is No Way Out...

Faith is on the verge of ending her life following decades of feeling unheard and unseen and suffering from anxiety.  Looking back on her life as she moves through her final day, she recognizes how much pressure she put on herself, and all of the times she lost sight of her own self-worth and confidence.  Matt, a friendly stranger she meets early in the day, brings a new perspective and immediate connection.  Created is filled with emotion, unique insight on mental health, and an ending you won't want to miss! 

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Available in print copy and on Kindle Unlimited

A Note from the Author:

Jen Zahari

This book includes deep thoughts about suicide, anxiety, depression, and other hard life moments.


If you struggle with any of these, some aspects may be hard to read or trigger moments you have lived through.


Your health and safety is my number one concern in everything I do.  I wrote the contents of this fictional story to help others understand what happens in the mind of someone struggling with these and other self-defeating topics.  Book one gives a picture through the main character's lens about what people often experience when living through depression, suicidal ideations or anxiety.  Book two brings through thoughts and ideas to overcome (set to release by the end of 2023).   


The content of the Created book series is not intended to replace any psychological, physical, or mental care.  If you or someone you know is struggling, please get support from a qualified practitioner.


If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, please contact the prevention line at 988.



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 The realest & most relatable book I've ever read
I am not much of a reader. It takes a real good book to grab my attention. And this is definitely one! It is the realist & most relatable book I've ever read. Anxiety & depression have wreaked havoc in my life, especially these last 2 years. Its not easy to deal with at times. But in reading this book, I feel understood & not alone. I am only on chapter 7 but I felt the need to write a review now, because well, its just THAT GOOD! If I could give this more starts I would! Such a great book! I am so grateful.
 Sincere and Heartfelt
This book comes straight from the heart. You can feel that the author had been through many of the challenges presented in the book and truly wants others to know their value and that they are not alone. The depth of the feelings the author projects is so sincere and so relatable. This book will help many readers understand others have been through the same emotional rollercoasters in life.


 Heart-wrenching topic . . . you won't put this down!
The story takes place on what will be the last day in the life of a woman, Faith, whose intent (we learn nearly immediately in the story) is to leap to her death. We relive her trauma and sadness and disappointments in a myriad of well-placed flashbacks that give us context for why she's come to this decision. New found friends on her hike to the cliff top alongside bring an intriguing texture to her last hours as she step-by-step says goodbye to those important in her life. I won't give away the ending. This is a book you'll be thinking about long after you've finished. (Note: There are definitely some triggers here for those with depression and/or suicidal thoughts.)
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