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Helping individuals get the most out of life through coaching, workshops, retreats, mentorship and more...

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Jen’s Top 10 Tips for Managing Anxiety Naturally


How Jen Can Help?



Every day, as people, we can face any number of things that weigh us down or hold us back.  Self-doubt, low self-esteem, confidence, anxiety, poor body image, relationship issues, loneliness, uncertainty about what direction to go in life and the list goes on.

I provide one on one coaching programs to help support you in the area you need to get back to a thriving life.

You are not alone on this journey, and you don't have to stay in the state you are in!

One on one coaching services


At Strong Foundations Coaching & Consulting, LLC, our team provides complete business evaluations to determine your key pain points, determine what is lacking, evaluate leadership–employee gaps, assess training and services gaps, etc.

Business and ownership are challenging enough; you do not have to do it alone.

Inner healing women's workshops
She truly listens and supports the person you are, not just the business you run. Jen has helped me focus my actions and energy in the right direction, and in doing so, I've gained confidence that I never had before. Highly recommend Jen!!! ❤️"




Jen’s collection of great actionable tips and advice


Jen’s books and workbooks are inspirational resources to help you conquer life’s journey.


Jen Zahari
About Jen

Ask anyone who knows Jen, they would describe her as someone who thrives on success and helping others achieve it. For more than 15 years Jen has helped individuals and businesses succeed in acheiveing their goals.

Jen is a coach, mother, business leader, consultant, cancer survivor and goal getter. Coming from someone who has experienced self-doubt but has learned to embrace empowerment, Jen loves to personalize plans to help others with their mindset and achieve what they want in life.

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