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Create the life you have always imagined.
Embrace your You-ness.

Happiness is a decision and you have this choice each day. 

 Start your journey towards deciding what a happy fulfilled life looks like for you then building a plan to make it a reality.

Hi, I'm Jen!

I’ve been working with people and businesses for over 20 years.  The bulk of my career has been in the Staffing Industry which has afforded me the opportunity to work with a very diverse group of people and businesses from a wide span of industries and experience levels. 

During my journey, I’ve seen consistent themes among people selling themselves short, not seeing what they are really capable of, or just being too close to a situation to see what could help them move forward. 

About 8 years ago a cancer diagnosis and a significant spiral downward of anxiety and depression forever changed my path.  It was after this experience I looked back to my life and recognized all the times I sold myself short, I did one thing out of perceived obligation when my heart was somewhere else.  In the years since I have been on a journey to life in a state of happiness and health and am working to guide others in their journey. 

I’m here to prevent anyone from looking back to their life saying, “I wish I would have…”


After my cancer diagnosis and spiral downward, I felt completely alone.  Looking back on my life, I recognized a pattern where I had many other times in life that I felt that same. 

I was stuck in a loop of not knowing the right answers for me and feeling as though I had no one to help guide me. After self-reflection and guidance from a coach, I have been able to turn that around. I offer my experience and journey as a guideline to help you reach your own version of happiness.

As someone who has led & coached people for years in business and their careers, I know the value of having someone to help you see what you have been missing from a different perspective.

My passion for helping people to their happiest life has led me to create my exclusive coaching programs to help you reach your best potential.

Life is a journey, create your path 

My coaching programs focus on mindset, life direction, communication, and accountability.  You may need some of all of these.  Every person is different in the needs that they have.  My program is adjusted to suite your specific needs, packages available.    Contact me today to schedule your consultation call.

Magnified Grass

Jen has a passion for helping others learn and grow into the best and elevated version of themselves.  There is no lack of drive, love or guidance that is left out of every interaction she has.  It is an honor and blessing to walk along with this beautiful soul.
     - Nicole

Closing the gap in your business

In my 20 years leading, coaching, and guiding others I have developed an I have an eye for identifying gaps in business and working with my clients to get closer to profit and sustainable growth. 


Whether you are having revenue-generating issues, employee concerns, organizational issues, or something else, I can help or find you the resources to best support you.  


Service plans are adjusted to suit your specific needs.  Contact me today to schedule your consultation call. 

Starting with the littles

I started the Fun with Feelings Children’s book series to help kids better identify with their feelings using fun creative storylines.  By educating kids today we are building stronger adults of tomorrow.  Get your copy today. 


Want to book Jen to come to your school or event, contact us today?


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