Life's Timeline

In the journey of life - each of us has millions of experiences in the forms of scars on our cells.  These scars can include feelings and emotions from the entire spectrum; happy, sad, may, angry, excited, etc.

These experiences also may include stress, trauma, limiting beliefs, and other self-defeating experiences. 

As we move forward in everyday life, experiences of the past often show up.  These past experiences show up in the form of memories and often in the form of physiological shifts.   In turn, this causes us to respond from that past emotion instead of creating a new response. 

During the timeline exercises, we work to recreate this energy and bring a new experience to the past to help release the past emotions that are currently holding you back. 

When is it used?

Anytime there are limiting beliefs, past trauma, past negative experiences, or other past situations or beliefs that you feel hold you back, we will take a look at your timeline.


This exercise is used in combination with creating new habits to help support a sustainable result. 


How is works?

With the limiting belief, trauma, or other situation in mind.  I guide you during our coaching session to visualize that younger you.  As you see them, I ask you very specific questions.  You will know what they need from you now that they were missing then.  I guide you to give them what you see they are missing.  During this, you will often see a shift in their emotional state.


What this is not

This is not therapy!

This exercise is to help support you in building a new experience and energy behind the past.

If you feel you need to talk through experiences more in-depth from your childhood please seek out the experience of a psychologist or therapist.


What it is!

This is a powerful way for you to get more in touch with yourself, recreate your past in a way that honors who you are, and see things in a way you may not have seen them before.  It is a healing, non-invasive way to heal the past hurt.