Confidence COACHING

Creating a Confident you!

Do you often have areas of life you work to look strong outside, but inside you doubt yourself?

Are you ready for your internal self-confidence to match what you try to portray?

Confidence is a muscle.  When built and reinforced with the right habits, it grows.  The same is true if you are negatively reinforcing beliefs.  During this six-month program, you will get to the root of your doubt and negative beliefs and work to create the right structure. 


This six-month program includes:

  • Two 30 minute 1-1 coaching sessions each month (additional coaching sessions can be added)

  • Three 60 minute guided visualization sessions to help let go of negative beliefs and build positive ones.

  • Full Confidence workbook which includes; tracker, habit identifier, action planner, and more

  • Full access to the group (coming soon)

Get Un-stuck!

In this six month program, we work to:


  • Identify where you are at and determine what false beliefs you have clung onto

  • We will explore all of your options and identify what ist is you truly want or are missing.

  • We'll identify the triggers that tend to stall you then minimize or eliminate them where possible.

  • Create the right plan for you to start moving forward


During this six month program, you get:

  • Monthly 60 minutes 1-1 coaching sessions (additional sessions can be added based on your needs)

  • Action workbook

  • Full access to a private group (coming soon)

  • Additional visualization exercises, workbook pages, or other activities based on your individual needs


Are there areas of life you feel like you are on a hamster wheel and can't step off to move forward?

Do you deal with the same frustrations day in and out, stuck on finding happiness and joy in life?

When I was in my mid-thirties and overcoming cancer, I realized how truly unhappy I was in several areas of life.  I was settling and wanted more. 

Do you have an area you feel incomplete?  Like you want more and not sure how to go about getting it?




Find and develop Your Voice!

Do you hold yourself back from saying what you feel or trusting your own thoughts?

Do you often question what you say or wonder if you said it "right"?

Not being yourself or not trusting your inner self can lead to constant stress and anxiety.  If left unmanaged, it can also lead to other major health-related issues.  Living with constant self-doubt is just not healthy and often impacts our quality of life.  For years (or really decades), I questioned so many things.  I was building a great successful career for myself, but inside I had continuous doubt.  As you can imagine looking strong outside and doubting myself inside caused constant turmoil, and for me, this is what I believe lead to cancer.  Since this point in my life, I've been dedicated to being as confident and comfortable with myself inside as I am outside.

Are you ready to Believe in yourself, your voice and learn to communicate confidently with yourself and others?

During this program, we will get to the root of your self-doubt, build more positive stories and self-talk, explore who you are and what you really want, identify your triggers then work to minimize or eliminate them.

This program is offered in both six or twelve-month options because we all have a different starting point.  It includes:

  • Weekly 30 minute 1-1 coaching sessions for your first 2 months

  • Bi-weekly 60 minute 1-1 coaching sessions for your following 4 or 10 months (depending on your program)

  • Confidence building workbook

  • 3 guided visualization sessions to help remove limiting beliefs and build the structure for positive self-talk

  • Additional workbook exercises based on your individual needs

  • Full access to the FB Community (coming Soon)

Get Comfortable with the skin you are in!

Do you criticize yourself when you look in the mirror?

Are you unhappy with your body?

Fact is we all have areas we want to improve or grow but, when it impacts how you talk to yourself or becomes self-deprecating, it can lead to added stress, anxiety, depression, or other health-related issues.


As a woman who needed to un-do decades of negative self-talk, I'm here to tell you that you are not alone, and the good news is with the right structure and actions, you can truly LOVE the skin you are in. 

Body Confidence program includes:

  • Weekly 30 minute 1-1 coaching for your two months

  • Bi-weekly 30-minute coaching sessions for remaining 4 months

  • Emotion and habit tracker

  • Body Confidence workbook

  • Full access to the FB Community (Coming soon)

  • Guided 1-1 visualization exercises


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