Do you struggle with a positive self-image?

After growing up obese and a 160-pound weight loss in my early twenties, I realized I dropped the weight physically, but emotionally and mentally, all I saw was negative when I looked in the mirror.  After years of self-image work and changing my own story from that of defeating and negative to positive and encouraging, I knew I wanted to help others to do the same.

I help people who are ready to look in the mirror and see all that is good and positive in themselves. 

My self-image coaching program includes:

  • Guided daily Journal

  • Workbook mindset exercises

  • Monthly 1-1 coaching (packages vary)

Is Anxiety and Fear holding you back?

For me, anxiety started at a very young age.  Through the years it grew as I stacked one negative experience after another.  Wanting to always look strong from the outside, everything inside was building inside until I felt paralyzed by the fear and anxiey of what was next for me in life.  This was the point I started working through decades of anxiety and building a strong foundation for myself.  Are you ready to do the same for yourself?

Breaking fear and anxiety coaching program includes:

  • Mindset workbook with exercises

  • Self-discovery workbook

  • Monthly 1-1 coaching sessions (packages vary)

Do you need a sounding board in life?

Do you feel alone in this journey or perhaps like no one understands you?


For so many years, I wanted way more than I was bringing to life and no one seemed to understand.  At my lowest point I felt completely alone (even though I had my family to turn to) they were not the ones to help.  Everyone should have someone to rely on to go to without fear of judgment or criticism.  I will act as that sounding board for people to listen and ask the right questions you need to discover your answers.

Sounding board program:

  • Self-discovery workbook

  • Mindset workbook

  • Monthly 1-1 coaching (packages vary)

We often place unrealistic expectations on ourselves and then become disappointed when we don't meet them. Let me help you dial in on the root cause of those stressors. So you can build your happiest Life!!

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