Services Offered

Motivation, mentorship and Inspiration

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Phone Case Desktop

I am on a mission to help people feel less alone in life.  When subscribing you will be sent a link to complete more information about yourself in order to ensure messages are as specific to you as possible.


$36.00 per month

Walk with me

Grab your phone, get your walking shoes on and let's chat!

Taking a Walk

I am NOT your traditional coach.  Often we all need someone to get in tune with who we are on our terms and 'Walk with us!'  Grab your phone, Get your walking shoes on and let's go for a walk as we talk.  Conversations are centered around whatever you need, whether it be someone to listen, a friend to listen to, mentorship, or inspiration. 


$67.00 per session (via phone)

Guided Visualization

One on One guided visualization meditation to help release limiting beliefs

Listening to Music

You are the BEST person to change your thoughts and bring a new story behind past dis-empowering beliefs. 


During this guided visualization exercise I guide you through an exercise to help YOU heal your story, heal emotional trauma, re-frame negative thoughts and release limiting beliefs and more. 

Get in a comfortable space and let's get starts.  Phone or zoom available.


$107.00 per session

Read what another client says

"Wow.  All I have to say is wow.  The visualization work that Jen Zahari does is just incredible!  I can truly describe the experience as hypnotic in nature.  I really felt like I was in my past, healing my soul and trauma with every step forward.  I’ve had a lot of healing work done before, and this was deeply impactful.  Jen’s gentle method and guidance was beautiful and supportive, and exactly what I needed to release some limiting beliefs from my past.  I will definitely utilize this service again!  Highly recommend it when you’re in a rut and the same triggers and patterns come up over and over again.  Break the cycle!"  -Christy

One on One coaching/mentoring

Each coaching package is built to suit YOU!


We are all different as individuals, for that reason, I make recommendations and propose a coaching plan specific to you after our initial discovery conversation to include timing each month, action steps/plan, etc.  

This is YOUR time.  Sessions adjust as needed to address and support anything you need at that specific time.


$156.00 per hour (Zoom or phone available)

It can be hard to get to know someone based on their website. 

Below are words that 21 people used to describe me in a recent feedback request.

"Giver, Positive, Motivator, doer, strong, resilient, compassionate, caring, energetic, kind, good listener, leader, determined, thoughtful, generous, helpful, smart, inspired, sincere, genuine, authentic, confident, supportive, real, warm, goal-oriented, loving, enthusiastic, optimistic, inspiring, encouraging, passionate, receptive, kind, considerate, amazing, motivating, patient, positive, friendly, intuitive, gentle, faithful, Inspirational, gentle Soul, Helpful, eloquent, articulate, tender, empath, great listener"

Business Mentorship

It DOES NOT need to be lonely in your business!

Young Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a beautiful experience.  And, it takes grit and a lot of hard work.  Whether you are a solo-preneur or have a small team there can be times that you feel like no one understands what you are going through. 


You may even have times you feel like you don't know what you are doing. 

I help my clients in many areas from overall business planning, structure, and growth to being a sounding board. 


I am  that person you can talk to, to bounce ideas and struggles off of that will provide you another perspective and help inspire you when you need it most. 

All plans and proposed timing is recommended upon completing an initial discovery call


$187.00 per hour (zoom or phone available)

Read what another client says

Jen is amazing! She is one of the most incredible professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’ve grown more personally and in my business in the last year with her help and guidance than I did in the whole previous decade. I cannot recommend her coaching enough! She is passionate, driven, and is 100% devoted to getting results you want for your life and business. I’m so grateful for Jen’s personalized system and step by step approach that is helping me achieve things I literally never thought was possible! -Dr. Matusiak

Employee Emotional Wellness

I'm on a mission to improve how people are understood in the workplace while helping companies support production, service, efficiency and more.

Team Talk

I've been working with people in multiple leadership, hiring and coaching capacities for over two decades.   Inevitably, I have seen leaders and employees often have communication/understanding gaps which lead to a whole host of issues.  


I provide 'undercover shops' and 'a day in their shoes' evaluations to get an understanding of what employees/leaders are going through then provide an assessment and recommendations based directly on what is going on in your company. 

Working with a philosophy of "Seek First to Understand."

When we understand people, individual circumstances and situations we can provide coaching in the best interest of everyone!


Prices vary based on your specific company needs