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Wellness Coach
One on One Coaching and/or Mentoring
In life, we all get stuck at various moments. 
Perhaps with that constant rumination or the negative spirals.
Or, maybe for you, it comes in the form of relationships or careers. 

You DON'T have to stay there, and it Doesn't have to be hard!

Each of my coaching plans is developed using fundamental principles of self-awareness, communication, stress management, coping skills, accountability, and more to build long-term sustainable change.

Timing and duration are recommended but always adjusted to suit your personal preference.

Take a deep dive into yourself!
When you know more about how and why you think, act, and respond the way you do - you can better guide the best way to resolve and move past it.
Get to the root of it...
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Where are your limiting beliefs, traumas, image issues or other stressors coming from?  These roots shape who we are and many can be why we have the imbalances and anxieties that we do.  Let's bring a fresh balanced new energy and perspective so you can start creating from the present as opposed to the past.

Develop positive coping strategies to help in moments of anxiety, panic or overwhelm!

Be Heard!
Often, what we need more than anything is someone to listen free of judgment or criticism.  You may need mentoring or a simple listen.  During our discovery call - we will discuss what you need - want - and build the right plan for you!!

Strengthen Communication with yourself and those around you!

Learn more about my coaching strategies & Exercises

Life Wellness review, brainstorm & Actions

Every area in life impacts the other.  We complete a review of your life in Six main areas, identify what areas are holding you back or causing you strain and determine what steps to put in place to get all areas on track.

Life Timeline

Every moment of or life leaves impressions on us physically, mentally and emotionally that gets carried through to our everyday.  During the timeline exercise we work to identify what those areas are that cause you discourse then work to recreate a new experience behind them

Coping and life Strategies

Life gets tricky for all of us!  Fact is with the daily responsibilities of home, work, family, relationships, finances, etc.  It can be easy to lose sight of the stress that we face. 

Together we are going to take a look at your stressors, worries, anxieties and ensure you have strong healthy coping mechanisms for each

Evaluating and Re-aligning Life's 'rocks'

Ah, the rocks we are carrying in the 'backpack' of life.  From the moment we were conceived we each started building stories and beliefs from others' communications, our experiences, others' experiences, things people said to us, and in any other number of ways.  During this exercise, we are taking a look at all of those rocks, realigning then and deciding what needs to go!

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