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How can I serve you today?

Hi, I'm Jen!
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Do you ever have those moments that you feel completely lost in life?

Perhaps you feel like no matter what you do, no matter what you try, the anxiety, fatigue, sadness, self-doubt, self-criticism, etc., all keep showing up?

And, an even more important question, ARE you ready to Start Healing and moving on from the stories of the past?

Friends, I have been there! 

Early in my childhood years, I built a belief that my voice didn't matter; I was irrelevant.  Throughout the years as a high-functioning professional, this false belief grew significant internal anxiety and horrible self-criticism.  To add to the anxious state I was living in from my own voice and thoughts, my personal body image was fair, at best.

The years of constant dichotomy, wanting to show up as strong yet 'beating myself' up inside for the things I said on a nearly daily basis caught up in my mid-thirties when I was diagnosed with cancer. 

And, the Journey of Healing since has been messy, amazing, beautiful, rocky, joy-filled, unfolding, and so much more.

Now, eight years later, on the other side of daily criticism, anxiety, and depression, I am here to serve other people on their healing journey and to a life where YOU can thrive!!

What qualifies me, you ask?

I've spent over 25 years leading, training, guiding, coaching, and mentoring people.  Fifteen years of which was spent in the staffing Industry.  I'm so grateful to have worked with thousands of people through the years and to have had the ability to learn about what people put themselves through and, more so, how to support them.  

My Mission is to help people know they are not alone and to help guide YOU on the journey to a life where you can THRIVE. 

You literally deserve the life you dream about!

If you are ready, book a free discovery call with me today, and let's chat!

Coaching Offerings

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Fact is, we are all at different places in the healing journey, and inevitably, each one of my clients needs different things to support where they are at. 


As a coach and mentor, I build what you need based on where you are at. 


AND, I like simple.  Life does not need to be hard, nor does the coaching/healing journey. 


Some things you can expect:

  • 1-1 Coaching (as needed weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

  • I use energy work in my practice.  When our bodies are aligned energetically, it's more effective to make lasting change

  • When needed, daily 10-minute touch-points to help you through


  • Honest, direct, kind communication

  • Tools and resources to support you where needed

  • Lasting change

Energy work

Do you frequently feel fatigued, sluggish, sad, lonely, anxious, depressed, or something similar?

Are you ready to let the limiting beliefs that hold you back go?

We are all energy beings; it's science.  In fact, energy is all around us at all times. 

I hold multiple certifications in both Traditional Reiki, Quantum Reiki, and ThetaHealing.  Not to mention, I have a natural gift of intuition and bringing energy to where needed to help stimulate the body's natural healing ability.

Some of the benefits of Energy work include:

  • Aids in life personal discovery

  • Healing past traumas

  • Reducing Anxiety and depression

  • Promoting overall health and well-being

  • Stimulates the natural healing process

  • Helps bring clarity

  • Improved self-esteem and confidence

  • Improved sleep

  • Balancing chakras

Bridge over a River
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Jen has a passion for helping others learn and grow into the best and elevated version of themselves.  There is no lack of drive, love or guidance that is left out of every interaction she has.  It is an honor and blessing to walk along with this beautiful soul.
     - Nicole

Building Foundations for Kids

We started Fun with Feelings Children’s book series to help kids better identify with their feelings using fun creative storylines.  Each book has two opposing feelings to help kids learn about what feelings ae what and when they may show up in life.


Want to book Jen to come to your school or event, contact us today?

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