Strong Foundations are the Key

I provide individualized mentorship for people and consulting for businesses. Through holding space and supporting growth, I help my clients build strong foundations by identifying pain points, improving self-trust, and building solutions that work.


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Hi, I'm Jen!

After more than 15 years of helping businesses with staffing and recruitment, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with a diverse range of people. 


And through that experience, I’ve learned a lot about what makes individuals unique and how their personalities show up at work and at home. That’s how I recognized my strength to see people for who they really are. I learned how to observe and ask questions that help people find exactly what they’re looking for.


Throughout my career and my own personal life, I’ve seen consistent themes among individuals who feel stuck or lost in their life or their business—they’re selling themselves short, not seeing what they’re capable of, or don’t see any path forward. 


Those are the people I help. Whether you’re a business executive trying to engage and retain your employees, an entrepreneur who feels stuck in your business, or an individual who’s doubting yourself—I’m here to hold space for you, listen, and help guide you to achieve the results you’re hoping to achieve.

What I offer Individuals

Feeling stuck in your life or unsure of yourself? I’m here to listen to you without judgment and help guide you to confidence and clarity using:


  • One-on-one coaching sessions

  • Personalized plans

  • Visualization sessions to help you let go of negative beliefs and build positive ones 

  • Workbooks giving you clear, actionable steps

  • Full access to my supporting Facebook community

What I offer solopreneurs and small business owners

When you’re running a small operation, it feels like you need to figure out everything on your own. I’m here to remind you, you’re not alone. I can help you build your confidence and bring your business back to growth using:


  • One-on-one coaching to improve your mindset and boost your business

  • Operation, policy, finance, and other business reviews

  • Sales and marketing plans

  • Business roadmaps

Bridge over a River

Jen has a passion for helping others learn and grow into the best and elevated version of themselves.  There is no lack of drive, love or guidance that is left out of every interaction she has.  It is an honor and blessing to walk along with this beautiful soul.
     - Nicole

Building Foundations for Kids

We started Fun with Feelings Children’s book series to help kids better identify with their feelings using fun creative storylines.  Each book has two opposing feelings to help kids learn about what feelings ae what and when they may show up in life.


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