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Anxiety Tip #1

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

For those of you who have followed me for any amount of time, you know I have worked hard to move past my anxiety. After years of letting it build, it took a long time, literally years undoing all the unhealthy, negative self-talk I had in my head.

First, you should know, anxiety shows up for all of us. Even after you have worked on it, there could be something that sparks you or perhaps, health reason, because you added edginess. The difference is when you have worked through it, you have the chance to redirect it a lot faster. Before I started turning things around, it is fair to say I had a certain anxiousness about me almost all the time. Through time, I could shake it off after a couple of hours, and now, I can generally turn it around within minutes. I generally say my friends, we ALL have bad days.

I decided to start a round of Anxiety Tip blogs and will keep it going for as long as I have tips to share. You will get at least once a week, at times more. Hoping these mini tips help turn your anxiousness/anxiety to build a happier, healthier YOU!! You are worth it.

Start a journal. I know what you are thinking but stay with me for a minute.

One essential thing to determine before you can turn it around is when it shows up. Even for me, someone who had anxiousness almost all the time, I needed to pinpoint when/why it showed up. Of course, different things spark anxiety, at least for me, but there is usually one underlying cause. For me, it indeed was a lack of self-confidence and positive self-efficacy.

In your journal, I recommend the following:

  • How do you feel when you wake up? Are there specific thoughts that come to you in the morning? Just pay attention to what naturally shows up and make a quick note in your journal.

  • Throughout the day, pay attention to things that “spark” your anxiousness/anxiety and write them down. Include as many details as possible in this one. Who you were with, where you were, etc.....…?

  • After meals, note if it sparked anything; if it did, record what you ate.

  • At the end of the day, before you go to bed, make another note, reflect on the day. If any other points sparked your anxiety, write it down.

Give yourself a good week, then look back and note any commonalities in your days. Write down if there are foods that spark your anxiety. Make a note if certain people get you anxious. Look at the times, are there patterns? Once you have these triggers noted, you will be better able to change what you need to.

I recommend continuing to journal at least until you start seeing the patterns shifting. After that point, I still highly recommend it but adding in more than just when anxiety was sparked.

Till the next trip, my friends…


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1 Comment

Thanks for sharing Jen! Anxiety can underlay so much that it just becomes a new normal and you forget it probably has one main root cause. Journaling to help identify that root is a great tip to get started on the path of managing anxiety.

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