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Essential oils and their role in anxiety relief

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

For hundreds of years, essential oils have been one of the best natural remedies to cure different health-related problems. The aromatherapy has gained significant value in alleviating stress and anxiety problems due to the enchanting effects of essential oils on the mind.

Why should you consider aromatherapy for anxiety?

Aromatherapy with essential oils plays a significant role in mental relaxation and stress relief. Hence it is one of the natural remedies that you can use to relieve anxiety and stress. Research has proven that the effects of essential oils on the brain are the same as medical professionals prescribe for anxiety. Although anxiety is a disorder and professional help should be considered if required. But aromatherapy can do wonders if you want to feel relaxed and calm after your hectic routine schedules.

Best essential oils to reduce anxiety

There are several essential oils found to have great value in relieving anxiety and stress. Below are some of the best essential oils with their benefits in alleviating anxiety.

Lavender oil

An oil extract from a purple scented flower is worth every drop. Being one of the most popular essential oils, it is found to have soothing effects on the autonomic nervous system. It has a significant role in controlling emotions. Due to its number of advantages, it is being used in numerous wellness and health products.

From research, it has been proven that lavender extract can reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress and can help people with insomnia.


Who would have thought that a daisy-like herb can be useful in releasing stress and anxiety even for cancer patients (research of national cancer institute)? Well, this little herb possesses soothing properties, and a massage from its extract can reduce the feeling of anxiety and depression up to a considerate level.

It is even useful in controlling the overactive mind and helps to minimize worries.

Vetiver oil

This essential oil is famous with the name of "oil of tranquility." The scent, somewhat similar to sandalwood, believes to have a soothing effect on the mind. It has powerful antioxidant properties that help the body detox and develop a sense of well-being by boosting the mood.

Research has been conducted to study the effects of vetiver oil on anxiety. It is considered to have similar effects on the brain as diazepam (a medicine prescribed in anxiety disorders).

Rose oil

The natural fragrance of flowers mesmerizes our minds at a high level. We feel lost in the aura of natural beauty by inhaling the beautiful scents. Similarly, aromatherapy from the oil extract of precious flowers such as rose is believed to alleviate anxiety by developing a sense of well-being.

It has shown significant effects on people suffering from depression and general anxiety disorders.

Geranium oil

The oil with a scent quite similar to rose has also shown great effects in releasing tension and anxiety. It induces an outcome of positive thinking and enhances the brain to function effectively by restoring hormone imbalance.

Frankincense oil

With a warm scent, essential oil is one of the most used essential oil for aromatherapy. It has an advantage of limbic system stimulation of the brain and is being used since Biblical times. It has numerous benefits, along with releasing tension and stress. Studies have shown a remarkable effect on anxiety and depression with aromatherapy and massage of frankincense oil.

Neroli essential oil

It is an extract from the leaves of the bitter orange tree. As the origin indicates, it possesses a citrusy scent, which is believed to relieve anxiety and depression. Aromatherapy works best in cases of insomnia, along with anxiety. It produces a sense of calmness by alleviating anxious thoughts and promote peaceful sleep.

Bergamot essential oil

A study done in 2015 shows remarkable results of bergamot essential oil on patients with depression and anxiety. It has the benefits of releasing fatigue and improving mood by developing a sense of well-being and calmness. It is one of the most used natural remedies for anxiety and stress relief.

Different means of using essential oils

Essential oils are the pure extracts of their origins. And they are used in diluted forms or any other carrier oil to have efficient results without any side effects. There are many means by which essential oils can be used:

Inhaled: essential oils famous for their aroma can be used for inhaling purposes as a part of aromatherapy. Little drops of oil on handkerchief or napkins can last for a longer time to let you inhale the fragrance at frequent intervals during your stress full day.

Room freshener: essential oils can be used as room fresheners in the oil diffusers. It creates a beautiful environment all around the house to keep your mind calm throughout the day.

A few drops of essential oil in the bathtub before taking a bath can help you have a peaceful and relaxing bath after a long, tiring, and stress full day.

Massage: essential oil, along with carrier oil, can be used for massage purposes. They help in alleviating headaches and relaxes body muscles, keeping you in a relaxed and calm state.

Things to remember while using essential oil

Although essential oils are a bucket full of advantages, you should be careful of the few things before using them.

  • Always remember to dilute the essential oil before applying it directly to the face or body.

  • Do consider a patch test minimum of 24 hours before applying to rule out any allergies.

  • Be consistent with your aromatherapy to have long-lasting and considerable effects.

  • Essential oils are a kind of a natural remedy to relieve anxiety and depression. Still, professional help should never be ignored if the symptoms are worse than usual.

  • Do not hesitate to consult your doctor before using it.

Final thought

Almost all the essential oils are found to have anxiety-relieving properties by their effects on the brain. But it will be you to decide which essential oil works best in your favor. To better understand the impact of any essential oil, try using it gradually with a minimum amount to observe its results in your support. And never take peace and relaxed state of mind for granted.

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