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How To Be More Optimistic – Coaching Can Help

Pretty much everyone has that one person who tells you to be optimistic even when you are going through the worst of times. Perhaps you’ve found that through coaching, or perhaps a friend of yours is super positive. Sometimes, finding something bright in the midst of darkness can feel like a big ask. But who says it is impossible?

Like any successful person will tell you, being optimistic is one of the critical ingredients of success. Positivity helps you fight through challenges, inevitable disappointments, stress, you name it. Optimism allows you to see the positive in whatever situation you are facing. You surely must have heard about the glass being half full! Read on to find out what you can do to see the silver lining when faced with life’s adversities.

Appreciate your success

Most of us are guilty of focusing on other people’s success while ignoring our own. Comparing yourself to others is a big no-no in the coaching world. Instead, many coaches recommend the first step you take towards being an optimist is concentrating on your own accomplishments.

Thinking positively about the things you have achieved rather than worrying about what other people are doing is a much better use of your time. Focusing on how far you’ve come and telling yourself you can still achieve more success will always keep you in an upbeat mood.

Focus on solutions instead of problems

Life happens, and we inevitably find ourselves facing impossible situations. In such times, it is easy to drop your head and experience self-doubt. The problem may be dire, and it may not seem fair, but remember what happened, happened. If you’ve done any coaching in the past, your coach probably told you to think of what you could do to improve the situation instead of concentrating on the problem. A solution-based mentality helps you face challenges with hope, confidence, and, most importantly, optimism.

Avoid and challenge negative thoughts.

On average, a person has thousands of thoughts per day, 80% of which can be harmful if you do not get the right coaching to change them. Unless you train your mind, there is always that thought trying to convince you of how you are not good enough or why you won’t succeed. However, if you allow that voice to continue running in your head, eventually, you start believing it. You start thinking about failing in the eye of the storm.

Get those negative thoughts out of your head. Reframe and turn them into positive. Such a small change in mindset can drastically change how you see yourself and help you to start thinking positively.

Accept that failure is part of the journey.

If you find yourself worrying about an outcome, you are most likely trying to protect yourself from the disappointment of defeat. However, failure and disappointments are inevitable parts of life. You are bound to taste setbacks at some point.

Nevertheless, continually worrying about failing is setting yourself up for that very thing. It is better to be positive and be proved wrong than being negative and proved right. Ultimately, it is not how far you fall. It is how you pick yourself back up again. Cultivate that optimism culture in your life.

Surround yourself with positive people

Having a circle of negative friends and colleagues who are always whining and complaining can drain all positive energy out of you. If your friends see the bad in every situation, it will inevitably rub off on you too. Instead, surround yourself with positive people. Associate yourself with people who think positively and see the good in all situations. It will do loads of good to your state of mind.

Accept situations beyond your control

It is essential to accept that not everything will go your way. Sometimes things will just be out of control, and there is nothing you can do about it. However, avoid sulking and thinking along the lines of I’m crap at this, I always lose, here I go again and such.

Those are self-defeatist thoughts. Before you blame yourself, carefully assess the situation and see if there is anything you could have done. If yes, learn from the mistake and move on. If no, let it go. After all, you’ve lived to fight another day.

Ignore the past and focus on the future

Everybody has their past baggage. Those [bad] experiences and beliefs that shaped our history. However, holding onto the past can have a negative impact on your current life. Instead, focus on what you can look forward to. Later today, next week, next month, etc. Focus on the good things that will come from whatever you are looking forward to and maximize that feeling. If you always worry about the future, think of what you can do differently right now. Put all your energy into that. Spread the cheer and optimism!

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