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Forty-five Self-care ideas and tips

Properly support yourself with a healthy Self-care routine. Doing so can help overall positivity and may have benefits to reducing anxiety and depression. Below are my 45 ideas and tips. If you don't already have a self-care plan in place, start with a few then add as you go along.

1. Get adequate Sleep in the right environment.

2. Limit screen time an hour before bed

3. Drink plenty of QUALITY water. Recommendations vary. I go by the average rule of ½ body weight in ounces. And, added ounces for caffeine consumption.

4. Maintain a healthy diet (I like using the 80/20 rule).

5. No cell phone or electronics within an hour of waking up.

6. Time in nature. I use a minimum of 15 minutes per day as a rule of thumb, the more the better.

7. Practice grounding when you are outside. Simply kick your shoes off and enjoy the grass on your bare feet. A few additional benefits include, reducing the stress hormone cortisol in your system, reduces inflammation, and some studies show proof of regulating heart rate.

8. Evaluate your relationships. Ask yourself how they are impacting you? If there are relationships that are depleting your energy, get to the root of it and limit time if needed with that person/people if possible. If this is not possible try to get actions in place to help, ensure your self-care is maintained.

9. Breathe; the simple act of deep belly breathing can help manage emotional stability, stress, and more. Practice taking 10 deep breathes in and out 2-3 times a day when you are having moments of anxiety, high stress, anxiousness or to reset your nervous system.

10. Yoga or stretching

11. Meditation

12. Daily journaling

13. Daily ‘brain dump’ to get all your ‘stuff’ from the day off your mind.

14. Start a ‘remember when’ journal of what life feels like after you have accomplished your dreams in any area small or big.

15. Spend time with family/friends.

16. Color: grab your markers, crayons, paper, coloring books, whatever suits you, and enjoy some creative time. Creative outlets can in themselves be forms of meditation.

17. If you have a day when you wake up energy depleted; start monitoring your actions, sleeping patterns, what you ate/drank the day before, etc. This can often help pinpoint. On these days, I find that self-care is even more crucial to our mind and body. Honor your body, adjust your day if you can to activities that are non-energy consuming. If you cannot adjust drink extra water, try High-frequency waves of 528 or 432 (you can find many good choices on YouTube).

18. Have FUN!! This can look different for everyone. Decide what fun looks like for you and incorporate more of it into your weekly routine. Need some laughs? Try watching funny videos on YouTube.

19. If you are in front of a computer/screen all day, take mini-breaks at least every couple of hours. I strongly encourage taking a five-minute break every hour.

20. Read a good/interesting book.

21. Play a game.

22. Give yourself a facial and/or mani-pedi.

23. Treat yourself to a spa day.

24. Go sit by a bonfire and watch the stars.

25. Go for a hike in the forest (forest bathing).

26. Draw a warm bath, light some candles, and soak in a nice Epsom salt bath.

27. Let’s face it, we all need days to shut everything off and lay on the couch watching movies. This too can be self-care on occasion.

28. Have a ZERO GUILT day; mind you, I am a believer that you should never guilt yourself!

29. Turn up the music and dance around the house!

30. Exercise. Choose what form of exercise is most fun and rewarding for YOU and incorporate that into your daily routine.

31. Get dressed up and go out with that special someone or friends.

32. De-clutter

33. Keep an ongoing list of every dis-empowering thought through your week. At the end of the week destroy it however you find the most releasing. (I personally burn mine, using all safety measures of course😊

34. Limit social media. And, if you find yourself emotionally down, depleted, or comparing afterward, limit yourself even further.

35. Get some good quality essential oils and use them according to your needs. My current go-to is Kate’s Magik. You can also try aromatherapy.

36. Get out and watch a sunrise or sunset.

37. Go to a beach, walk in the sand.

38. Go swimming!

39. Practice gratitude!

40. Consult with a natural/holistic healer for approaches to naturally heal.

41. Let go of past limiting beliefs and negative thinking.

42. Learn the signs of stress and burnout. If they show up for you use the steps you put in place. Need help or suggestions, reach out.

43. Baking.

44. Find/start a hobby

45. HONOR your body; when something feels off, question it and decide what your body is telling you it needs!

Stay well my friends!

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